telling you, about us...

The story of WCP (West Coast Photographics) started in 1978 by taking event photos of the Trask Mountain Motor Cycle race in the Summer and then Snowmobile races in the Winter. These were multiday events, so we could take our film back to our "lab" and process it and then make "prints" to return the next day to sell.
To support an event like a Class Reunion or a Dance and Drill Compition, a "faster way" of delivering finished "prints" was needed. So in the days before One Hour Photos were popular, WCP developed the "Mobile Lab". The "Mobile Lab" had a complete Darkroom, Film Processing and Proofing area, and included a Micro Fridge and AM/FM Stereo with Headphones for the Darkroom personal. This Lab could be transported closer to the event location, to decrease the delivery time of finished "prints".
Later, High School Class Reuniouns and High School Dance and Drill Team events were added to the event calendar, and in recent years, Family Reuniouns have been another event that been added.